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Stop Annoying Phone Calls

PhoneSleuth allows you to file a complaint if you received an unwanted call from telemarketers, debt collectors, scammers, pranksters, and other annoying callers. By reporting their phone number, you are taking action to fight back against them. We also submit those numbers with enough complaints to FCC and Do Not Call List on a regular basis. It's our goal to create a community that helps everyone identify unknown numbers.

Latest Comments

by poopyminaj (
Phone Number 603-560-2853 / 6035602853
lohanthony's video of the wee-hee-eeek !
by You (
Phone Number 305-344-0801 / 3053440801
Yet another call from this is a scammer/phishing number who claim they can "help" me with my financial problems with some kind of special program. CallerID said "Cell Phone FL".
by SRP
Phone Number 806-221-2703 / 8062212703
This number called my phone and said she was Penny Miller (sounded Indian) from Bankers Life; seen my resume online and wants to offer me a job. Tho was left on my voicemail, as I do not know tho number. I also looked up this phone number, and it seems to belong to a florist in Plainview.
by Kim (
Phone Number 202-461-3468 / 2024613468
Called back and got a voicemail saying, "Thank you for calling. All our operators are currently busy. If you wish to have your number added to our do-not-call list, please press 1."
by Me (
Phone Number 305-344-0801 / 3053440801
This is a scammer/phishing number. They offered to "help" me with my financial problems with some kind of special program.
by Daniel (
Phone Number 408-705-1098 / 4087051098
Got a pre-recorded message that started by calling my name. I tried to ask him who was calling, but he just kept talking and wouldn't allow me to speak.
by Male Bone Laing
Phone Number 972-712-9202 / 9727129202
Reverse IP for 972-712-9202 This phone number was searched from the following IP addresses: This number is unreachable from Germany. Can anyone help me connect to American Naturopathic Institute?
by Male Bone Laing
Phone Number 972-712-9202 / 9727129202
I tried calling this number from Germany and it is not working......
by Youknowwho Iam (
Phone Number 615-268-2873 / 6152682873
This number called my husbands phone at 10:30 at night but when I call it back it never answers................wonder why??
by Ryan Hocking
Phone Number 719-963-1552 / 7199631552
Curt is the phone owners name.
by Soupy sales (
Phone Number 845-271-2007 / 8452712007
Scam robot caller.... Calls on my cell phone... F***ing moron
by John (
Phone Number 972-896-1319 / 9728961319
WARNING Neil Saga Crimes against Prostitutes Jagrams Inc Auto Repair Shop automotive trouble auto repair shop offers many related services and repairs in exchange for sex, inappropriate sexual conduct with clients Escorts and hookers. Address 2088 Pr. 5446 Mckinney, TX Phone number 972-896-1319 Email accused of criminal crimes / offenses in Texas relating to Prostitution, Escort Services, Solicitation, Patronizing a Prostitute, Paying for Sex, Not paying / donating for services after having misusing and having sexual intercourse with Escorts. Neil Saga President of Six Star Motors 2007 to present Mckinney Texas Owner of an Auto dealership and other small businesses in DFW Dallas, Mesquite, Mckinney. Birthday January 20, 1978 From New York Live in Plano Texas Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology Flushing High School New York Gender Male Interested In Women, Men, Transexual, Group Sex, Soliciting Prostitute, Solicits Prostitutes, Solicitation of Prostitution 100% Bare Back only Does not take no for an answer. No Condom, Diseased STD CONTAGIOUS BEWARE Belong to several automotive networks, such as the AutoRepairMeNow dot com Authorized Shop directory. 2088 Pr. 5446 location in Mckinney, TX, 75070 Neo John Scandal cops hooker auto vehicle car sales repair con artist scam rip off thief theft stealing arrest criminal crime watch carfax fyiauto dot com used cars dot com business company people WARNING Frisco DFW Dallas Denton Arlington Addison Mesquite Garland Irving Celina Grand Prairie
by mimi (
Phone Number 773-225-6517 / 7732256517
He called me today and threatened me of coming to my house to change my locks for not paying and said he has a summons from a judge
by casey (
Phone Number 281-712-1114 / 2817121114
i did not get a call from them but i got a letter with that phone number on it and it says that i have a pending lawsuit coming that a constable or sheriff will be coming with in the next 5 days on a defaulted loan from a bank that i have never had
by Central Cali Pranked (
Phone Number 209-543-2607 / 2095432607
Called at 7:27pm claiming to be a Ronald, asking where I've been and if he can "use the restroom" and that he has been waiting 2 hours. I asked him where he is calling from and he said "Detroit", which is 2,300 miles east of me. We talked for almost 10 minutes as I tried to obtain who this Ronald actually was but to no avail. Then I received a call 17 minutes later, but now C.I.D. read "Private Number". No calls since.
by Scott Jones (
Phone Number 213-670-3367 / 2136703367
Caller claimed to be from the National Benefits Enrollment Department, offering a "zero-cost" prescription card. Apparently bogus.
by spider (
Phone Number 773-225-6517 / 7732256517
Oh the joys, this guy calls my parents' number looking for my ex-wife, after several minutes of banter, says he's a WILL county cop. I asked for his badge number, several times. He won't give it to me then I call him out that he is calling from a 773 number and if it was official business he would be calling from the office and not his cellphone like he said. guys need to quit using up oxygen and leave it for someone who can use it.
by Rich Beyond Belief (
Phone Number 314-414-9930 / 3144149930
It was a pre-recorded male voice saying "Stop what you are doing right now...I can show you how to put $10,000 in your pocket in the next 10 to 14 days..." Beware of such get-rich-quick schemes.
by Mia (
Phone Number 747-666-5471 / 7476665471
Received an automated message about student loan relief. What's funny is that I put myself through school and was never in debt. These people should be shut down.
by joyce (
Phone Number 858-883-7597 / 8588837597
someone gave me this number to call a plumber yet when i called i was told he's not working at the moment. a few days later i get a call from this same number, he apologizes for not taking the job starts venting about his girlfriend, this and that. do not call this plumber, not reliable, it's a pretend to be plumber
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