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PhoneSleuth allows you to file a complaint if you received an unwanted call from telemarketers, debt collectors, scammers, pranksters, and other annoying callers. By reporting their phone number, you are taking action to fight back against them. We also submit those numbers with enough complaints to FCC and Do Not Call List on a regular basis. It's our goal to create a community that helps everyone identify unknown numbers.

Latest Comments

by Siegesgewiss (
Phone Number 567-315-2398 / 5673152398
Heil Dir!
by Unscammed (
Phone Number 661-949-5892 / 6619495892
It's a scammer. Person calling from the number said they were from my credit card company wanting to lower my rate - and told me my credit card number. Then they asked me for my checking account information related to my credit card. When I told them that I didn't think that they should need that to access my credit card info they insisted. I said no and told them I would contact my credit company back if I decided to get a lower rate and hung up. Immediately following I received 4 calls from an anonymous caller - back to back, but I did not answer. I quickly called my credit card company. They confirmed that they were not the ones who contacted me and immediately cancelled it for me.
by ginny (
Phone Number 478-397-6581 / 4783976581
478 397-6581 called claiming to be the IRS. Does anyone know?
by paul
Phone Number 417-385-1799 / 4173851799
by Jed (
Phone Number 319-493-7775 / 3194937775
Message was to lower credit card rate. I pressed one to connect. Person answered so I asked what company he was calling from? He stated that he was with financial department of MasterCard/Visa. I stated to him that I have logged his call number and name and to not call again (happens a few times a day) and if they did I would get my lawyer involved. He said "F**ck your lawyer" and laughed. I hung up.
by Dont Flipping Call List (
Phone Number 540-446-0968 / 5404460968
5404460968 Woman Hung up when voicemail kicked in, no message. Probable spam / scam.
Phone Number 615-268-2873 / 6152682873
I may have the solution to your late night calls. Does your husband travel to California? If so, what line of work is he in because I may know who owns the number that calls you have an idea of who it might be as well?
by From Wisconsin (
Phone Number 608-709-2115 / 6087092115
These people are a bunch of scammers! They wont stop calling my home all they want is money I blocked these SOBs they find another number an all again!!! I going to the FBI and BBB and tell them how this number calling and harassing others! When I called to tell them STOP CALLING! The line was busy or the line picks up and then hangs up! I'M SICK OF THIS!!
by Brian
Phone Number 281-407-2800 / 2814072800
Got a text message stating a restriction was placed on my debit card. Who are these whacko nut jobs?
by poopyminaj (
Phone Number 603-560-2853 / 6035602853
lohanthony's video of the wee-hee-eeek !
by You (
Phone Number 305-344-0801 / 3053440801
Yet another call from this is a scammer/phishing number who claim they can "help" me with my financial problems with some kind of special program. CallerID said "Cell Phone FL".
by SRP
Phone Number 806-221-2703 / 8062212703
This number called my phone and said she was Penny Miller (sounded Indian) from Bankers Life; seen my resume online and wants to offer me a job. Tho was left on my voicemail, as I do not know tho number. I also looked up this phone number, and it seems to belong to a florist in Plainview.
by Kim (
Phone Number 202-461-3468 / 2024613468
Called back and got a voicemail saying, "Thank you for calling. All our operators are currently busy. If you wish to have your number added to our do-not-call list, please press 1."
by Me (
Phone Number 305-344-0801 / 3053440801
This is a scammer/phishing number. They offered to "help" me with my financial problems with some kind of special program.
by Daniel (
Phone Number 408-705-1098 / 4087051098
Got a pre-recorded message that started by calling my name. I tried to ask him who was calling, but he just kept talking and wouldn't allow me to speak.
by Male Bone Laing
Phone Number 972-712-9202 / 9727129202
Reverse IP for 972-712-9202 This phone number was searched from the following IP addresses: This number is unreachable from Germany. Can anyone help me connect to American Naturopathic Institute?
by Male Bone Laing
Phone Number 972-712-9202 / 9727129202
I tried calling this number from Germany and it is not working......
by Youknowwho Iam (
Phone Number 615-268-2873 / 6152682873
This number called my husbands phone at 10:30 at night but when I call it back it never answers................wonder why??
by Ryan Hocking
Phone Number 719-963-1552 / 7199631552
Curt is the phone owners name.
by Soupy sales (
Phone Number 845-271-2007 / 8452712007
Scam robot caller.... Calls on my cell phone... F***ing moron
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