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Stop Annoying Phone Calls

PhoneSleuth allows you to file a complaint if you received an unwanted call from telemarketers, debt collectors, scammers, pranksters, and other annoying callers. By reporting their phone number, you are taking action to fight back against them. We also submit those numbers with enough complaints to FCC and Do Not Call List on a regular basis. It's our goal to create a community that helps everyone identify unknown numbers.

Latest Comments

by mpanylyk (
Phone Number 780-278-0425 / 7802780425
The information that initially was provided indicated the individual lived in Edmonton, but the information returned to me after I paid was for someone in Kansas. I am not impressed!
by Richard gadson nettles
Phone Number 843-729-2442 / 8437292442
Trying to find the new cell phone number from (843)729-2442
by lauren (
Phone Number 650-316-8431 / 6503168431
11/21/2014 update: It's a scam about a "free cruise" to Bahamas. The caller claimed to be Jennifer.
by amanda (
Phone Number 979-320-6007 / 9793206007
Got several missed calls from this number during my work hours. I dialed the number back and the recording said, "Hello, and thank you for calling. If you'd like to be placed on a do not call list for the number that called you, please press '1' now..." Just another telemarketer.
by Stan Orelove
Phone Number 407-903-1759 / 4079031759
Automated "your prescription is ready for pickup" call from Walgreen's TeamCare Pharmacy, Universal Orlando.
by DontCallMe (
Phone Number 708-529-6317 / 7085296317
I heard "your business may be eligible to receive a substantial business loan..." before I cut them off.
by Robert (
Phone Number 650-399-3269 / 6503993269
My Whitepages Caller ID showed it as "Suspected Spam." Didn't pick up.
by theresa (
Phone Number 509-551-1904 / 5095511904
hey ho lets go do some blow you know how to pass the test
by David (
Phone Number 724-307-5567 / 7243075567
It was a robocall offering pre-qualified loans to small businesses with "low interest rate, no collateral."
by lauren (
Phone Number 650-316-8431 / 6503168431
I found a missed call on my cell phone at 1:37pm on Saturday, called back and they hung up on me immediately. probably a robot dialer.
by AndyR (
Phone Number 615-450-0137 / 6154500137
File a complaint with the FCC. These people need to be shut down and prosecuted.
by Kareemah (
Phone Number 202-241-0958 / 2022410958
202-241-0958 Claim to be calling from the investigations department of the IRS. There is a lot of background noise almost like static, sound like they are in an empty room using a Radio Shack landline phone service with a cordless phone.
by RT (
Phone Number 918-771-4603 / 9187714603
Found this to be a VOIP line, answered when called person used my given name Robert instead of Rob...this usually tells me it is voice spam...
by olivia (
Phone Number 424-250-0740 / 4242500740
I received a missed call from this number, and my call blocker app shows it as a "suspected scam." They have changed their number several times.
by Not Fooled (
Phone Number 212-643-9999 / 2126439999
This is a scam financial agency. Use to be DL Recovery Group. They threaten people by falsely claiming to be city officials. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS NUMBER! They want to steal your money! Their website seems legit but in reality its a front for a scam scheme. Block their numbers. In the United States, you cannot get subpoenaed over the phone. They have to mail you a letter. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!! Call your local sheriffs department to verify!
by Not Fooled (
Phone Number 773-225-6517 / 7732256517
100% Scam. He keeps calling me saying he is a constable from Cook County. When I called the Cook County Sheriff Dept. they had no idea who he was. There are no constables in Cook County. He is very rude and thinks he is a wise guy. He told me I had to call a lawyer in NYC (2126439999) to stop an eviction proceeding. Total False. Just ignore him and block his number. He might have some personal information but just hang up. DO NOT GET FOOLED BUT THIS SCAM PHONE CALL!!! Call the Cook County Sheriff Dept and report this number. He sounds tough but will never give the office address or number.
by 160th SOAR
Phone Number 858-205-3779 / 8582053779
Keeps calling and saying he is returning my call, guess he has nothing better to do then to try a number till he hears a woman's voice so he can harass them.
by SE Wisconsin (
Phone Number 608-709-2115 / 6087092115
Received a call from 608-709-2115 on 10/21/2014 at 7:50 PM, CNAM read as "Unavailable." I answered but they hung up. So I called 608-709-2115 at 8:19 AM on 08-22-2014 to find out more information, this was the recording that I heard: "Thank you for calling The Fundraising Center. We are unable to take your call at this time. For more options, please press 9." So I pressed 9 and it responded with "Thank you, and have a nice day" and then the call disconnected.
by travis (
Phone Number 509-551-1904 / 5095511904
were coming to ur house soon
by John (
Phone Number 253-292-5008 / 2532925008
Just got a robocall about student loan relief, but I never had a student loan in my life. Doesn't sound legit to me.
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