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Recent Comments

by Matt (knig101@gmail.com)
Phone Number 224-795-4607 / 2247954607
Just recieved a text from this # inquiring about antique cast iron radiators i have for sale on craigslist. I was given a different email (rooney9999s@gmail.com). Immediately seemed off due to the fact that these heaters weigh in at over 600 lbs each, a shipping nightmare, add clearly states items are for local pickup only. Very skeptical in my opinion.
by disqus_449cZK7hW3
Phone Number 708-323-7246 / 7083237246
ok this is a scammer.. everyone beware.. chris chandler...
by Evan (evanv@guerrillamail.com)
Phone Number 224-795-4607 / 2247954607
Was texted an email address (anthonywhitney04@gmail.com) and told that it was a work phone and that he was on deployment. He was asking about my car from craisglist. Super sketchy
by disqus_KzMoWtGjjt
Phone Number 312-655-7137 / 3126557137
Caseworker from Intact Family Services, if you agree to family counseling because of a DCFS investigation whether it's founded or not. This number is one of the counselors.
by jackthecat2013
Phone Number 864-242-2388 / 8642422388
You know you're "hard-up" for human contact when you call a Magic Jack number! No message left.
by mmg (mmg_marian@gmail.cm)
Phone Number 503-866-4323 / 5038664323
marian marin gimenez 1450 n prescott portland,or 97217 sleeping with a married man since 2011 (current 2014) and has no shame in trying to destroy his family and home
by Tom (bewary@hotmail.com)
Phone Number 517-721-9575 / 5177219575
Called me from 407-636-2837 with a middle east accent, claiming that I won a $100 gift card but needed to send them $4.95 for shipping & handling. After I said no, he rudely hung up on me.
by carla (carla_342000@yahoo.com)
Phone Number 843-473-7766 / 8434737766
had 9 calls yesterday in less than 5 hours . called me at work but wouldnt tell me who they were trying to collect from so i hung up and had repeated calls and vm on my cell phone.
by RC (rec_519@yahoo.com)
Phone Number 423-506-0981 / 4235060981
Texted Me But Wouldn't Give Their Name Even After i Gave Mine.
by sfsdfa s fsafsa (safsa@sdfsdf.com)
Phone Number 407-667-4020 / 4076674020
K-FORCE Staffing Comany
by milo (iluv2jetski@hotmail.com)
Phone Number 509-551-1904 / 5095511904
selley and travis r looking for uuuu
by Joe Bob Customer (tossedsalad@mchsi.com)
Phone Number 563-323-1706 / 5633231706
State Farm
by John Galt (jgalt1988@gmail.com)
Phone Number 903-780-2431 / 9037802431
903-780-2431 called my work cell at 6:48 PM CDT. I ignore numbers not on my whitelist. Friend of mine says "Aren't you gonna answer that?" "Nope - Don't know anyone in the 903 area code. If it's someone calling from a strange phone, they'll leave a message." Only 2 minutes later, her phone started ringing. That number only differs from mine by the last 2 digits. "Who is 903-780-2431?" she asks. "Since they just called my work number, and no one you know has that number, it has to be another scammer or telemarketer. I'll google it and see if it's a known goblin." They didn't leave a message on either phone. So that's why I'm here reporting it. From the number of unique IP addresses that searched for it on this site, divided by the number of phone numbers in the U.S., it's a good clue they've been robocalling a LOT of numbers. Good job.
by shrimpdip
Phone Number 806-470-6207 / 8064706207
I continue to receive almost daily calls from this number with CallerID "Rhonda Valdez" even though I am on the National Do No Call List. Nobody ever leaves a message and when I call the number it rings and goes to voicemail. Has to be a scam, not a legitimate person or business.
by Admin (phonesleuth.com@gmail.com)
Phone Number 954-281-3260 / 9542813260
This number possibly belongs to Newland Automotive Locksmith, 20 SW 12th Ave, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442.
by Mary (mcarrasquillo2009@gmail.com)
Phone Number 954-281-3260 / 9542813260
He recibido más de 20 llamadas de este número y cuando atiendo no contesta nadie. No quiero recibir más llamadas de este # 954-281-3260. Las tengo anotadas con fecha y hora; de no resolverse el problema tomaré otras medidas. Gracias.
by IRRITATED (shanhartley43@gmail.com)
Phone Number 317-456-5471 / 3174565471
by Admin (phonesleuth.com@gmail.com)
Phone Number 503-913-7637 / 5039137637
The zip codes served in this area are 97229 and 97217.
by stanley (stanleysdiamondring@gmail.com)
Phone Number 503-913-7637 / 5039137637
Whats the zip code please for this number?
by Beth (staryxo@yahoo.com)
Phone Number 561-962-1884 / 5619621884
call regarding prescription benefits and pain cream, I have told them twice not to call me
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