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PhoneSleuth allows you to file a complaint if you received an unwanted call from telemarketers, debt collectors, scammers, pranksters, and other annoying callers. By reporting their phone number, you are taking action to fight back against them. We also submit those numbers with enough complaints to FCC and Do Not Call List on a regular basis. It's our goal to create a community that helps everyone identify unknown numbers.

Latest Comments

by travis (
Phone Number 509-551-1904 / 5095511904
were coming to ur house soon
by John (
Phone Number 253-292-5008 / 2532925008
Just got a robocall about student loan relief, but I never had a student loan in my life. Doesn't sound legit to me.
by Shayla (
Phone Number 805-319-2841 / 8053192841
This phone number belongs to a creepy internet predator. Ladies please avoid this unsavory character!
by davecu
Phone Number 304-873-4020 / 3048734020
Verizon West must notice when thousands of calls are made and only a handfull of calls come in. VERY profitable. call to complain. 1-304-873-4020
by marie (
Phone Number 773-225-6517 / 7732256517
Total scam. Complete ignorant assh*** called said he was officer jacowsky from cook county police department and said if owned several cars because he was to repossess them. I told him go ahead they aren't my vehicles. He is very rude and tries to intimidate he even has name and private info about people that u might know or not just based on your address call cook county and they will give u a number of a detective. I did and that scum denied calling me lol. That's what I thought u low life get a real job and leave us hard working people alone!!!
by David (
Phone Number 972-521-9207 / 9725219207
Called back and it said "Hi this is Christie from Reward Redemption..." I hung up immediately.
by R3-Tech Developments
Phone Number 214-440-7917 / 2144407917
I**** Perez
by Raptormann
Phone Number 201-967-0914 / 2019670914
Got the same thing just 2 minutes ago. Likely a scam!
by Margaret Stringer
Phone Number 201-967-0914 / 2019670914
Someone with email sent me a text message, claiming this phone number 2019670914 belongs to Bank of America, and demanded of me to call that number immediately. I do not have an account with Bank of America, and even if I did, I know that banks don't do business via text messaging. Beware.
by Greg (
Phone Number 504-427-4832 / 5044274832
504-427-4832 Trying to pretend to be assisting Senior citizens with Energy Bills and come to their house.
by jwb
Phone Number 814-932-2623 / 8149322623
stalker. calls himself Ricky Wooms. changed this profile name at least 3 times. if you run into him avoid at all costs
Phone Number 972-528-7629 / 9725287629
They call me once a month about my car and every time I ask to speak to a GM they hang up. So now I just tell them to take me off their list.
by Rick (
Phone Number 904-806-5738 / 9048065738
caller called and harassed my wife his name is Gordan police have made contact when he denied making the calls but then wanted my wife's name his first call to her was he was lonely and made grunting noises his second call at almost 11pm at night I picked up and he said he was calling the number because he had it written down. we live in another county and have no knowledge of this sicko
by Paul Pechin
Phone Number 206-641-7710 / 2066417710
This number calls, I pick up, and there is nobody on the other end.
by Jessica (
Phone Number 202-455-8888 / 2024558888
It's a Google Voice number, asking to enter the activation code.
by Harold (
Phone Number 424-250-0740 / 4242500740
Got a robocall from this number saying my student loan is eligible for a reduced rate, but I don't even have a student loan. It wasted my time and money to pick up their call.
by scamhater (
Phone Number 316-529-0627 / 3165290627
316 529 0627 is a scammer trying to get credit card info, at&t verified that this is not a working number from them
by B Og (
Phone Number 202-802-9957 / 2028029957
Insurance Spammer.
by Scott (
Phone Number 707-583-2103 / 7075832103
It's a sales call from winetasting dot com.
by bill (
Phone Number 613-440-8444 / 6134408444
Awesome Chiropractic Clinic and Wellness Centre!!! Meagan is the best Registered Massage Therapist I've ever seen, and Dr. Robinson explains all his procedures before care, gives personalized advice and recommendations, and they both truly Care about their patients. In Barrhaven a couple blocks West of the new Strandherd-Armstrong Bridge.
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