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Stop Annoying Phone Calls

PhoneSleuth allows you to file a complaint if you received an unwanted call from telemarketers, debt collectors, scammers, pranksters, and other annoying callers. By reporting their phone number, you are taking action to fight back against them. We also submit those numbers with enough complaints to FCC and Do Not Call List on a regular basis. It's our goal to create a community that helps everyone identify unknown callers.

Latest Comments

by DAPH (
Phone Number 917-744-8587 / 9177448587
Not a real company, STF Strategics, psycho stalker, looking for info, uses *877 numbers to annoy and obtain info, call her back 9177448587, 2128791109, unbalanced, be careful! boyfriend calls her psycho.
by John (
Phone Number 254-212-3058 / 2542123058
Received an unsolicited call about student loan relief. They constantly change their number, so blocking them is not very effective.
by Pissed Off (
Phone Number 407-378-5331 / 4073785331
They left a message saying I was pre-qualified for a short term business loan after accessing public state records. I don't even own a business, so why do they keep calling?
by Prince Do Zp
Phone Number 304-546-4162 / 3045464162
Bom dia gostaria muito de devolver o telefone que achei a o dono legitimo, ele nao entro em contato. 57-(304)546-4162 iphone 5s quero devolver so isso a pessoa certa.
by Brian (
Phone Number 213-457-9243 / 2134579243
Called my work number. Press 2 to get off their list.
by Emily (
Phone Number 206-858-8166 / 2068588166
I received a robocall at 9:14am saying "the reason for this call is to inform you of a free home security system." My house recently got broken into, and now I keep getting calls from these people who prey on fear.
by Sharon Stller (
Phone Number 320-207-1467 / 3202071467
This is a SPAM employment scam to get your personal information.
by Jeff (
Phone Number 510-229-4381 / 5102294381
Recorded female voice message asking if I was interested in earning additional income. They used a local area code to fool you into picking up their call.
by saidyjohnson44
Phone Number 414-915-7751 / 4149157751
Saidy Johnson on Calumet Rd, Milwaukee, WI
by Phil (
Phone Number 480-296-6789 / 4802966789
This is a scam where they will claim to buy various things from you. This is done in a effort to rip you off by gaining personal information
by truth (
Phone Number 714-232-2153 / 7142322153
Jerry/Gerald Mcneal went to prison for attempted murder of his ex Hazel M. Recorded in orange county superior court of California.
by FrankieLives (
Phone Number 213-710-7477 / 2137107477
Ok, just called the number back, got recording. Start pressing buttons on your phone until somebody picks up (usually the #1 is a Great place to start). Fain interest in what they are selling long enough for them to give you their name, haha and begin the pitch. A security company called 'Security Systems' wants to take over the security of businesses and networks. To be honest, I think they are a little nuts. Well, we had a nice talk and agreed that their would be no further communication. Have a nice Day!
by FrankieLives (
Phone Number 213-710-7477 / 2137107477
I do not take unsolicited sales calls on my land line. It would be more appropriate to send sales calls to my e-mail where I have the choice whether to SPAM you or not. Thank you for your participation.
by justin jacobson (
Phone Number 763-286-2191 / 7632862191
I was given this number by a Catfish.
by Jane Maree (
Phone Number 516-983-2553 / 5169832553
I met a man from manhattan using this number, just checking if he is not married, a scammer etc...
by Tired of creeps (
Phone Number 662-403-3804 / 6624033804
As of January 2014 this number (662-403-3804) belonged to an online catfish - a scammer - going by the name Trip Lowder, Tripp or Bull. He is NOT who he says he is, and preys on women. BEWARE!
by Sick of sickos (
Phone Number 662-562-2788 / 6625622788
As of January 2014 this number (662-562-2788) belonged to an online catfish - a scammer - going by the name Trip Lowder, Tripp or Bull. He is NOT who he says he is, and preys on women. BEWARE!
by Siegesgewiss (
Phone Number 567-315-2398 / 5673152398
Heil Dir!
by Unscammed (
Phone Number 661-949-5892 / 6619495892
It's a scammer. Person calling from the number said they were from my credit card company wanting to lower my rate - and told me my credit card number. Then they asked me for my checking account information related to my credit card. When I told them that I didn't think that they should need that to access my credit card info they insisted. I said no and told them I would contact my credit company back if I decided to get a lower rate and hung up. Immediately following I received 4 calls from an anonymous caller - back to back, but I did not answer. I quickly called my credit card company. They confirmed that they were not the ones who contacted me and immediately cancelled it for me.
by ginny (
Phone Number 478-397-6581 / 4783976581
478 397-6581 called claiming to be the IRS. Does anyone know?
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