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Stop Annoying Phone Calls

PhoneSleuth allows you to file a complaint if you received an unwanted call from telemarketers, debt collectors, scammers, pranksters, and other annoying callers. By reporting their phone number, you are taking action to fight back against them. We also submit those numbers with enough complaints to FCC and Do Not Call List on a regular basis. It's our goal to create a community that helps everyone identify unknown callers.

Latest Comments

by james (
Phone Number 704-254-3444 / 7042543444
Received a call from this number caller id showed michelle Roussel but Tony apparently is the phone user and the owner phone is a Michelle. Th voicemail said call Tony
by Jessica (
Phone Number 708-846-2746 / 7088462746
This was a recording saying that it had to do with my credit card account. Did not mention which one. Then went on to tell me that I could lower my interest rate and to call them. I did not listed any further to get the call back number.
by Matt
Phone Number 401-569-4857 / 4015694857
Got a call. Came up as a Burger King at 60 Hartford Ave, Providence, RI 02909
by Heartbroken (
Phone Number 503-381-9076 / 5033819076
My current boyfriend of 2 years & father of my baby erases text messages only from this number. I want to know if I need to leave him
by Justin (
Phone Number 360-654-4959 / 3606544959
Russian accented male calling from Jupiter Fundings, a business loan company. Not sure why they called my personal phone.
by DJ49
Phone Number 917-495-1576 / 9174951576
This number belongs to a Natalie Danner. I don't know why she is calling me because I don't answer calls from people I don't know.
by DM (
Phone Number 845-940-7979 / 8459407979
I received an unsolicited call from this number
by Caller (nycafrique@yahoo.cim)
Phone Number 703-598-7583 / 7035987583
I received a call from (703) 598-7583. When I returned the call no one picked up. Then they called me back and acted as if I initiated the call.
by Clint (
Phone Number 707-583-2103 / 7075832103
Telemarketer from wine tasting dot com. Lied. Said I've done business with him in the past. I called back, same voice on recording says his name is Nolan& is away from his desk.
by amelia chorey (
Phone Number 818-585-6962 / 8185856962
Parol officer looking for a prisoner who violated hia parole. Fernando Gomez went back to mexico city. Please stop calling us we don't know or care how to find him
by Jamie (
Phone Number 307-288-1103 / 3072881103
They called my Google Voice number about making ten grand a week. Yet another get-rich-quick scheme.
by ;hkgjhjk;dh (
Phone Number 954-804-6595 / 9548046595
pimp with bait & switch
by ANON (
Phone Number 512-925-3587 / 5129253587
being used as an automated telemarketer for credit card interest rate lowering
by DAPH (
Phone Number 917-744-8587 / 9177448587
Not a real company, STF Strategics, psycho stalker, looking for info, uses *877 numbers to annoy and obtain info, call her back 9177448587, 2128791109, unbalanced, be careful! boyfriend calls her psycho.
by John (
Phone Number 254-212-3058 / 2542123058
Received an unsolicited call about student loan relief. They constantly change their number, so blocking them is not very effective.
by Pissed Off (
Phone Number 407-378-5331 / 4073785331
They left a message saying I was pre-qualified for a short term business loan after accessing public state records. I don't even own a business, so why do they keep calling?
by Prince Do Zp
Phone Number 304-546-4162 / 3045464162
Bom dia gostaria muito de devolver o telefone que achei a o dono legitimo, ele nao entro em contato. 57-(304)546-4162 iphone 5s quero devolver so isso a pessoa certa.
by Brian (
Phone Number 213-457-9243 / 2134579243
Called my work number. Press 2 to get off their list.
by Emily (
Phone Number 206-858-8166 / 2068588166
I received a robocall at 9:14am saying "the reason for this call is to inform you of a free home security system." My house recently got broken into, and now I keep getting calls from these people who prey on fear.
by Sharon Stller (
Phone Number 320-207-1467 / 3202071467
This is a SPAM employment scam to get your personal information.
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