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Recent Comments

by Benie (bdloubier@gmail.com)
Phone Number 208-703-4727 / 2087034727
Dont know who this is but they just texted me: Mom es evelyn es mu number? Dont know what this means?
by girl (lala3@aol.com)
Phone Number 727-593-1407 / 7275931407
this person called me and i'm trying to reach them, but they won't answer
by Annoyed Houston (dropkickin@gmail.com)
Phone Number 832-465-6733 / 8324656733
I have received multiple dirty, inappropriate phone calls and text messages from this phone number between the hours of 2am-4am for at least 9 months. The messages consist of sexually explicit content. I have told the lady that she has the wrong number, but she continues to call and send messages. I have concluded that this is a call girl service or a porn service. What authority can I report this to? I am sure I am not the only annoyed caller.
by vatx (vernice74@gmail.com)
Phone Number 512-687-0645 / 5126870645
We are getting these calls at our business. The caller ID reflects Redi Clinic but then someone comes on from Conn's. Isn't it illegal to falsify who you are in order to get someone to answer the phone? Going to Contact Tx Attorney General's office to find out.
by cracker_master
Phone Number 210-626-0300 / 2106260300
some very rude person called wanting to know if i needed my home remolded. I asked him nicely to remove me from his call list, rude caller just hung up on me.
by gunsmoke251pb
Phone Number 213-550-0039 / 2135500039
this phone calls me once a day, when I answer, a computer voice says goodbye. when I try a callback, I receive a error message - wrong number, disconnected, miss dial
by ddrJsM (jsmatt55@hotmail.com)
Phone Number 510-228-4896 / 5102284896
Called my cell phone, left no message.....
by disgusted (karengammonconte@yahoo.com)
Phone Number 904-999-0827 / 9049990827
This number belongs to an impostor that preys on women on online dating sites. He represented himself as a German widower named Tyler Klaus living in Jacksonville Florida with an 8 year old son. He says he works as a contractor on an offshore oil rig. The photo he uses is that of a minister named Bobby Minor.
by Jack (johnsmith@gmail.com)
Phone Number 630-256-0215 / 6302560215
Received an insulting call from an Allstate Insurance telemarketer, he was rude and aggressive, he was trying to sell life insurance. He asked if I smoked and exercise regularly, I said yes i smoke and don't have time to exercise. He then yelled at me calling me a fat f**ker. I hung up on him, then called my local Allstate Insurance agent here in Chicago and cancelled my auto and home insurance policies. I can't believe Allstate Insurance would hire such rude people to sell their products... Definitely not in good hands!!!
by JJ (jenica48@aol.com)
Phone Number 903-780-2431 / 9037802431
This number Called but I ignored. They didn't leave a message. If it was important they would have left message.
by Carl (lovonrun@yahoo.com)
Phone Number 903-780-2431 / 9037802431
903-780-2431 caller hung up when I answered cant call number back says not reachable
by Jim (jtld2@yahoo.com)
Phone Number 202-506-8695 / 2025068695
Must contact immediately, time sensitive message from the IRS Department. Must call to avoid litigation. Difficult to understand with a very heavy Sout Asian accent.
by mysoulishome
Phone Number 661-428-1005 / 6614281005
This is the phone number for Aaron's DJ Services, mobile DJ specializing in weddings. Also available for parties and other special events. Check out my website www.aaronsdjservices.com for more information.
by guest (lehyatt@bellsouth.net)
Phone Number 919-212-2472 / 9192122472
Got a call from someone at this number with a foreign accent asking if I lived in Wake County and then wanted to verify my income was over $200,000 per year. I said no, and they immediately hung up. Very strange.
by Kris (dbeaudo2@verizon.net)
Phone Number 315-699-0295 / 3156990295
This number is a very annoying caller. I keep receiving calls several times through out the day! At very early times & up until and after 9:00pm.
by Don Rumsfeld (d1rummy@gmail.com)
Phone Number 703-646-0635 / 7036460635
It's the "Call of Silence" from Matt Donnellan at 703-646-0635. Actually, this is a number at the Pentagon (I used to work there and the last four digits of my number were slightly different), so if these annoying calls are being made from a US Government line, the DOD Inspector General should begin an investigation immediately! In the meantime, the way to fix this annoying problem of scam-callers and telemarketers is to vote AGAINST every politician who is currently in office. Why? Because we already have laws to protect us from these scammers, and the incompetent career politicians who are currently in office have done nothing to enforce the laws we sent them to enforce. You can make a difference on Election Days by voting against EVERY politician in office - - by firing them all - - and by replacing them with new blood. If you do not fire these political morons, we will continue to receive these abusive and annoying illegal scam calls from the maggots known as telemarketers, a product of the career politicians who aren't doing the jobs we hired them to do. Of course, some repliers to my post will argue that voters are powerless against politicians. We are powerless when we have morons among us who insist on the status quo. Read their reply arguments with sadness for they are the truly mentally deficient rejects of society. An example of a large cell of mental midgets can be found in Nancy Pelosi's Congressional District. It is incomprehensible that such a large group of imbeciles can reelect the same dolt over and over again to represent their views. Pelosi and her dumocratic colleagues are the sole reason why simple laws (like the DoNotCall Registry) are not enforced - - these elite career politicians and the people who reelect them are irrelevant in the Great American Society. Please be a true American and vote against ALL incumbents!
by Jared stevens (jstevens7030@yahoo.com)
Phone Number 504-320-3851 / 5043203851
this number 504-320-3851 is used by a company down in Louisiana that uses Zoosk to act like fake people, that will say they want to date you, catch is they want to delete your zoosk account and will ask for your user name and password. DONT DO IT!!!! they are after your credit card info. TELL THE DUMB BITCH TO F#*& OFF A MOUNTAIN!!!!! PS Un-American pricks
by Joe (joe@joe.com)
Phone Number 214-617-2602 / 2146172602
Incredibly misleading pitch for SEO. Block this caller/scam.
by Tracy (alwaysinmotion@yahoo.com)
Phone Number 980-265-5581 / 9802655581
This number is from Peerless Network Landlines in Charlotte,NC a none profit organization but doesn't say who they are , lm just sick and tired of the calles early in the morning all day except the weekends so far. This or they need to STOP>>>>>>>>
by Dawn wanted (alwaysinmotion@yahoo.com)
Phone Number 980-265-5581 / 9802655581
These people are ruthless they don't care or think about calling at 8am every morning and we have a sick child in the house and l've had very little sleep wanting a donation some one needs to stop calls like this.
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