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by disqus_zwk9HGjuwJ
Phone Number 707-721-7529 / 7077217529
You texted me and I want to now who it was so who are you
by renter (none@gmail.com)
Phone Number 803-251-2502 / 8032512502
Enterprise Rent a Car on Greystone Blvd.
by Larry T Lover (justaguest@nottoday.com)
Phone Number 214-306-9476 / 2143069476
Transworld Systems
by Joe (joe.vanwanzeele@gmail.com)
Phone Number 574-217-4702 / 5742174702
A follow up from a sales representative of Windows Azure. Didn't leave a message.
by JP (jperez@hotmail.com)
Phone Number 303-768-8477 / 3037688477
Fax machine, caller-ID shows Catholic Health 1
by Hollarback (tgime72@yahoo.com)
Phone Number 713-939-4312 / 7139394312
713-939-4312 a bill collector called MS PAIN FROM "T.O.G". only angry bill collectors speak to people like this female spoke to me.
by BRB (brb323@gmail.com)
Phone Number 204-948-6949 / 2049486949
204-948-6949 spam!! claims that is the Polo Park Shopping Centre, some sort of awards... whatever, did not go any further, the recorded voice asks you to dial 1 etc. No, thanks
by disqus_h4xufvGa9k
Phone Number 713-343-0027 / 7133430027
Bogus call, I'm in Canada and they called me. I have caller id and always investigate numbers I do not know. Don't pickup just jot the number down and do a reverse phone number lookup. If you don't know them don't answer!!! Get smart and outsmart the crooks!!!
by blahblah (utexashorns@gmail.com)
Phone Number 347-492-1868 / 3474921868
BS collection agency saying there was a lawsuit, lol. Info was wrong and outdated. Told them to serve me if they were legit.
by A (alinmohseni@gmail.com)
Phone Number 713-343-0027 / 7133430027
This number start to contact with me. I did not answer. Because he or she did not pay attention to my massages. That is weird. He or she dialed frequently and never stopped. I blocked this number.
by dontgothere (thejunkyone@yahoo.com)
Phone Number 704-251-7642 / 7042517642
DO NOT RETURN THE ONE CALL RING HANG UP MISSED CALLS. THIS IS A SCAM WHICH WILL COST YOU BIG TIME. THEY ARE USING VOIP TO MAKE IT SEEM LIKE IT'S A LOCAL CALL. The following is from the BBB Website: "This scam relies on consumers calling back missed calls, which then connect them to a paid international adult entertainment service, 'chat' line, or other premium service located outside the country. Victims who return the call are billed a $19.95 international call fee, along with per minute charges for the unwanted "premium service," which can be $9 per minute or more. In some cases, the scammers may only put through a small charge of several dollars, so it won't arouse suspicion."
by disqus_C8RCQF2zMN
Phone Number 503-352-9309 / 5033529309
Spammer. Don't answer it.
by Gabby (hibiscusfan07@aol.com)
Phone Number 646-597-9141 / 6465979141
“Whom ever it is calling from this number is absolutely a scammer! When I asked them to verify my social or give me any other personal information that all colletion agencys should have, the man claiming to be an attorney, Roxx Murphy, began cutting me off and yelling at me about how im the person who got the loan and did'nt pay it! How unprofessional and rude! To validate my suspisions, I googled this so called attorney, and of course there is nothing about him online; surprise surprise. They request that you pay with a green dot card because after you've read off the 14 digit # there is no way to track the transaction nor is there any way to get that money back. ”
by J. Harp (photog645@yahoo.com)
Phone Number 502-568-2542 / 5025682542
I have received numerous automated calls from this number stating that I have been subpoenaed by the Davidson County, TN Sheriff's Dept./Court Clerk in a criminal case in Davidson County General Sessions Court. These calls have originated from TelCove of Kentucky in Louisville, KY, however, although I have tried diligently to get a return call number for these people, I have been unsuccessful. They apparently do not want someone who receives their automated calls to be able to respond to their message. The most important thing to understand in this situation is that Tennessee law provides that a subpoena in a court case may only be served in person by the local law enforcement agency or an officer of the court for whom the subpoena was issued. TelCove is holding itself out to be an agent for the Davidson County, TN court system, which is an illegal and criminal act. TelCove is engaging in criminally fraudulent illegal activity across state lines which also violates Federal law. TelCove is shown as an operating division of Adelphia Business Solutions of Kentucky, 9920 Corp KS, Louisville, KY 40223. I will be reporting their criminal activities to the appropriate Tennessee authorities and also to Federal authorities with hopes that both will take appropriate criminal action against them. If you are reading this post, I would hope that you will also report any illegal activities by this bunch to the proper authorities for appropriate criminal action.
by sjsa (salim2.6@hotmail.com)
Phone Number 206-455-9855 / 2064559855
thanks for the information about school you are amazing!!
by PAPA (papa@comcast.net)
Phone Number 217-877-4568 / 2178774568
by J Hofmann (jhofmann@gmail.com)
Phone Number 330-288-8405 / 3302888405
She called the wrong number multiple times a day. Please stop.
by michelle (michelle@debordgroup.com)
Phone Number 213-289-3832 / 2132893832
Same story here, but they hang up on me when I start asking questions. This time I called back over and over to ask who they are and what I am accused of. I was told that I know what I did and he will just have them send the sheriff and arrest me. US Treasury Legal, Adam Jones #11738, Enforcement Action against me, used to call over the summer 5 times in a row and so I plan on calling them 5 times back and asking to be taken off the list until they stop calling. And yes, they all have a foreign accent. I have so had it with these people and want them to stop. THEY keeping telling me I need an attorney, they will not speak to me directly.
by westey (westey@yahoo.com)
Phone Number 201-561-9715 / 2015619715
I get one every day around the same time
by Casey (k.grams55@gmail.com)
Phone Number 925-232-0658 / 9252320658
OneStone Insurance Services 4695 Chabot Dr. Ste 200 Pleasanton, CA 94588
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