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by Pam (paulpamelasnyder@bellsouth.net)
Phone Number 843-222-5059 / 8432225059
Not the same person either....older one is not my post....
by Pam (paulpamelasnyder@bellsouth.net)
Phone Number 843-222-5059 / 8432225059
It's true I just did the same thing!!! Exactly!!! ONLY CASH....what hotel, where is it...that's what made me nervous...called front desk....THey really are CELL numbers....she saved me big time!!!!
by Pam (paulpamelasnyder@bellsouth.net)
Phone Number 843-222-5059 / 8432225059
Not a TRUE Piccadilly place called head desk at our resort and told her I had ordered from a slip under door pamphlet. She said people make and sell from their homes!!! Looked up all phone numbers and they were ALL cell numbers and only took cash.Be careful when you order from flyer check first!!!!
by debkerak
Phone Number 610-363-8193 / 6103638193
This is a spam caller when you call number back it is disconnected.name is listed under chris beck.
by Donna F. (dlrfi2005@yahoo.com)
Phone Number 516-435-3217 / 5164353217
I received a call from this number this morning. The area code and 435 reminded me of a similar phone # except for final 4 digits where previous calls were received from New York area. On this call, I heard a clipped message that mentioned free medical alert and then "press 9" to opt out. Previous reports on calls of this type indicate it does no good to do the opt out. Those who have pressed 1 to respond sometimes have reported abusive language when they told the caller they were not interested and did not want the call. Also, apparently reporting to "No Call" doesn't help because the number will get changed. I can't figure out what any telemarketer has to gain by this, but it could be a scam to catch someone who will respond to the offer.
by private (null@null.com)
Phone Number 404-378-4444 / 4043784444
Apparently this number was owned by a Daniel Callaway pre-2013, Debt collectors from around the globe are after this person for allegedly owing money on this AT&T cell phone account. If AT&T tries to give you this number for any phone service, do not take it! heir debt collectors will never give up looking for the previous owner. They keep robocalling relentlessly, even after you tell them they have the wrong person and wrong number.
by joedecelles
Phone Number 908-313-9888 / 9083139888
dumpster edison nj
by swiftouch
Phone Number 801-783-3185 / 8017833185
I'm a fan of forms. Everyone should copy this form and use it. 1) suspicious number(s): 801 783 3185 2) real person / recorded message?: recorded message 3) Did the caller identify their Name?: no 4) Did the caller identify their Company?: no Comments: Called telling me he had a pending claim against me. Didn't identify himself. Didn't say who the claim was against (name or business). Possible fraud. Possibly not fraud. My jack*** former brother in law uses my phone number as a "reference" when getting check loans. What a dick of a human.
by Maria (apatricio@hotmail.com)
Phone Number 202-241-2611 / 2022412611
and they also asked to speak to us and by our names my husband and mine. Also a couple of weeks ago had another call for our daughter about the same thing the difference was in the phone # 2025069962 and it register out of area be alert .
by Maria (apatricio@hotmail.com)
Phone Number 202-241-2611 / 2022412611
got call and they said was from IRA that I owed back taxes scam .It said Washington Dc #2022412611
by barb ann (dionakatz@yahoo.com)
Phone Number 818-367-2550 / 8183672550
Keeps calling me and hanging up.soooo annoying.
by richardstasack
Phone Number 708-680-0907 / 7086800907
Called 2X no one there
by martin (elpasoelectric@yahoo.com.ph)
Phone Number 915-630-7931 / 9156307931
Hello this phone call from this number. i looked it up as High Sierra Electrical Contractors 1437 Black Ridge El Paso, Tx 79912. Is this a stand up company?
by Matt (knig101@gmail.com)
Phone Number 224-795-4607 / 2247954607
Just recieved a text from this # inquiring about antique cast iron radiators i have for sale on craigslist. I was given a different email (rooney9999s@gmail.com). Immediately seemed off due to the fact that these heaters weigh in at over 600 lbs each, a shipping nightmare, add clearly states items are for local pickup only. Very skeptical in my opinion.
by disqus_449cZK7hW3
Phone Number 708-323-7246 / 7083237246
ok this is a scammer.. everyone beware.. chris chandler...
by Evan (evanv@guerrillamail.com)
Phone Number 224-795-4607 / 2247954607
Was texted an email address (anthonywhitney04@gmail.com) and told that it was a work phone and that he was on deployment. He was asking about my car from craisglist. Super sketchy
by disqus_KzMoWtGjjt
Phone Number 312-655-7137 / 3126557137
Caseworker from Intact Family Services, if you agree to family counseling because of a DCFS investigation whether it's founded or not. This number is one of the counselors.
by jackthecat2013
Phone Number 864-242-2388 / 8642422388
You know you're "hard-up" for human contact when you call a Magic Jack number! No message left.
by mmg (mmg_marian@gmail.cm)
Phone Number 503-866-4323 / 5038664323
marian marin gimenez 1450 n prescott portland,or 97217 sleeping with a married man since 2011 (current 2014) and has no shame in trying to destroy his family and home
by Tom (bewary@hotmail.com)
Phone Number 517-721-9575 / 5177219575
Called me from 407-636-2837 with a middle east accent, claiming that I won a $100 gift card but needed to send them $4.95 for shipping & handling. After I said no, he rudely hung up on me.
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