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Stop Annoying Phone Calls

PhoneSleuth allows you to file a complaint if you received an unwanted call from telemarketers, debt collectors, scammers, pranksters, and other annoying callers. By reporting their phone number, you are taking action to fight back against them. We also submit those numbers with enough complaints to FCC and Do Not Call List on a regular basis. It's our goal to create a community that helps everyone identify unknown callers.

Latest Comments

by John (
Phone Number 949-533-5103 / 9495335103
Craigslist troll youtube prankster. Do not meet up.
by ladyluck278
Phone Number 256-214-0592 / 2562140592
Received a call from this number saying that they noticed I had 10000 dollars worth of credit card charges, funny because I have no cards. Anyway when I asked where they got this number from, I am on the federal do not call lists (which do not work by the way), and told them I have no debt they hung up on me!!. I called the number back and it said it was not in service. No name listed in the caller ID. I would say they are trying to get my information so BEWARE.
by roebling
Phone Number 706-202-8049 / 7062028049
by Ladiebug77
Phone Number 318-403-1138 / 3184031138
IRS scam -- This is just a wireless phone number in Louisiana, but their call is a recording of a computerized female voice to tell you to call the SAME phone number. They claim that they are the IRS, that this is your final notice, and that they are taking you to court -- although the only thing specific they mention is their cell phone number. Most likely it is a huge criminal scam to threaten you out of thousands of dollars.
by Matt (
Phone Number 404-735-8313 / 4047358313
Recvd several calls and txts from 404-735-8313. Search results came back as AMBER or "BARBIE" from local escort service. This caller is not safe
by cheyenne (
Phone Number 208-724-8287 / 2087248287
This is my ex husbands number he lives in boise Idaho. His name is Daniel James Potter. Currently trying to get his physical Address so the child support office has a way to serve him paper for the over 8500 on child support he is behind also.. For being in contempt of court and many other things..
by Laura (
Phone Number 484-809-7826 / 4848097826
number called me and when I asked who it was the man said his name was William and I should not get upset over him calling and he was very rude and hung up. I called back and he picked up and sat there awhile and hung up. A similar number called me prior stating they were selling weight loss supplements. Scam number.
by Ormond Otvos
Phone Number 510-685-6712 / 5106856712
This number belongs to Ormond Otvos, who has held it since introduced. It is NOT Alonzo Addison, Mary Addison, or any other.
by truth
Phone Number 714-232-2153 / 7142322153
Mobile numbers change all the time. Plus you are slandering two different individuals which you can get law suit. I don't know who this number belongs to but seems someone is jealous and hateful and is making false statements. That's why you don't have your name in your comment or register you must be an ex
by Nick (
Phone Number 401-946-2229 / 4019462229
Not a landline. A business cell phone.
by ducchun
Phone Number 818-287-8904 / 8182878904
One ring, left no message.
by Robie Kasey (
Phone Number 502-271-7870 / 5022717870
Robie Kasey
by exdand
Phone Number 856-630-0904 / 8566300904
Liar from Mt. Laurel
by Jona (
Phone Number 859-341-9442 / 8593419442
I got a call saying it was tech support and my computer was sending them messages about how it was not operating correctly. I'm not having trouble, nor did I call anyone. When I asked where she was located, she wouldn't disclose any information, and when I said the phone number she was calling from was from Covington, KY, she hung up on me.
by Ballz Deep (
Phone Number 204-812-3624 / 2048123624
by chris comer
Phone Number 620-480-9474 / 6204809474
missed call because I was on the other line.. called the number back rite after getting off the phone and it said that the number was no longer in service ....
by Jack Protein
Phone Number 516-983-2553 / 5169832553
Hi, he is a man from Manhattan, his name is Jeff Lesser, it is best to avoid him like the plague, he suffers from a multitude of mental health issues.
by Ld (
Phone Number 503-381-9076 / 5033819076
by D Koster (
Phone Number 209-736-5390 / 2097365390
Call message stated it was from the IRS Internal Revenue Service was calling to inform you that the IRS was fining a law suit against us. Gave this telephone number to call and find out about it.
by ZÁnne (
Phone Number 951-259-2068 / 9512592068
On 7/28/2015 I signed up for a second phone line and was assigned this number (951) 259-2068. Apparently, the person who had the number before me was rather "popular" with people who like to call and send text messages at inappropriate hours. Oh...and she didn't pay her bills either. If you are familiar with "Sheila" please update your phone records, this isn't her number anymore, and all harassing parties will be reported accordingly.
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